Why your budget fears & myths are keeping you from money

Are you concerned about budgets? Maybe afraid of them even? Let’s see if we can break it down for you to relieve some fears and bust some myths. Sound good?

Most people fall into 1 of 3 categories when it comes to budgets. See if you are one of these. I’m guessing you are.

  1. A budget will restrict me and not allow me to live in the moment. It will be a master over me or place me in money jail.
  2. A budget is scary. I don’t know how to do one, where to start. I’m not good with numbers or tech-y.
  3. A budget is awesome, I love math and numbers and nerd-ing out on spreadsheets, apps, etc.

You might fall into 1 and 2, that’s ok. Did you find yourself in there? Well, that is why we are here. To help make things easy and to explain why a budget is not something to be feared. Ready?

BUDGETS!!!! A budget is not any of these things

  1. A budget is NOT your master. You are the master of your money when you use a budget. It allows you to control your money and tell it what to do. By creating a budget you list out all the income and expenses you have and then you KNOW where every penny, every dollar is going. No more surprises, no more fear is there enough in my account. That all goes away. Pretty cool. How many of you at some point check your balance on your phone, think that is what you have to spend, feel good and go off and start swiping/chip? 😀 Yep I’ve been there and so have many others.

    A Budget gives you FREEDOM!! When you KNOW what’s going on, what can you do? Make wise stable decisions about the money. You can decide if you can do that purchase or not. You can decide how much you can save, spend, invest, give… and then do it with CONFIDENCE!!!

    Did you know that most people find out they got a raise when they do their budget? Not from their boss, but from THEM!! LOL. Because you find all kinds of money you didn’t even know was going out your bank account and pockets and vanishing. Money doesn’t just disappear anymore.
  2. Budgets are not just for the nerdy and techy people. You use paper, you can use a calculator, you can use a basic spreadsheet. If you love your phone or tablet grab an easy-to-use app that just lets you put in your income and list out all your expenses.

    The idea or perspective that it is hard is a lie in your head, its a myth. Maybe someone told you this or you saw it on TV or just haven’t been exposed to people doing budgets so it feels new and scary. Regardless it’s actually super easy.

    Yes, it will take some time to set it up depending on what all you have but set a side sometime in a day or two, to get it done. In my online course, I walk you through this step by step and help you really break it down so you can make this vital move toward Money Wisdom. To take control of your money and become Financially FREE!


Then you get to pass this on to your kids as they watch you and even participate in the budget discussions. Be sure to have a check-in every week at first and then after you get it all tweaked out you can usually check it once a month. You’ll find what’s right for you and you’ll love pulling it up and always knowing to the penny .01 exactly what you have in all your accounts.


This is one of the key things anyone with real wealth will tell you is vital. If it doesn’t come naturally, do it anyways. I promise you, you will come to LOVE IT! I hope this has opened your eyes and is a blessing to your life. Be sure and let me know when you get your first budget started.

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