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Simple Steps to Wealth

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Are you sick and tired of being broke, the shame, the exhaustion of being a slave to your job, money, debt, bills...? If you really want to finally learn the secrets to money wisdom and understanding then my courses, coaching and podcast will all help you get you started today. No more waiting! Find out the foundational truths that have always worked and the wealthy use daily to get and stay wealthy.
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For a limited time I will be doing personal 1:1 coaching sessions with a selective few. You can fill out the form and setup a quick 15 min call to see if you qualify. My time is very valuable but I want to help as many as I can to find true Financial Freedom! Also, my courses are awesome! They will teach you everything you need to know at your own pace and you get lifetime access.
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Follow The Proven Steps Carefully
This is not a pick what you like course on money wisdom and understanding. These steps have been studied for over 1,000 recorded years and longer, even BC records show some of these steps being implemented. You can have wealth if you follow the wisdom. Not me, the wisdom. I've study it for over 17 years. I don't want you to have to wait 17+ years to figure this stuff out.
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Voilà! Your Family Legacy Is Changed!
Wealth is not a magic wand or special gift. It comes to those that follow the laws put in place by God Almighty. Wealth is a tool used for good or for bad depending on who holds it. Now that you've achieved the wisdom and understanding of wealth you can change your family tree to have wealth and to know how to use it for good! Teach your kids kids so for generations to come, no more working for a paycheck, hating their job, fighting to survive. But instead giving and serving others so that it changes countless lives.
Transformation Completed
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Listen to our Podcast to stay encouraged and on track. This way you don't feel and know you are not alone! There are millions all across the world today going through exactly what you are going through or worse. Seeing them find freedom will pump hope into your veins. Also, call in and get live answers to questions and situations you are facing. To be a guest just call in. All the information is on the Podcast page.
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How I Help You Find Freedom

Teaching you about money wisdom and how to apply it

1:1 Coaching

As an add on to my courses, I will be doing some 1:1 coaching to help you find freedom

Online Courses

I will offer everything I know about Money including how to become wealthy and stay that way


Listen to my Podcast and be on it. A great way to stay encouraged and on track to your goals


Once a member you will get personal support through our Facebook Group and Email. You are not alone!

Spend Power 6 Steps

Your Financial Freedom Starts Today!

Save $2,000 Emergency Fund. Lay your foundation to build on.

Pay off all personal debt smallest to largest (except the house). List them all out and tackle them. 

Save a 6 month emergency fund for expenses. Also, in this step start paying yourself at least 10% into a retirement account. We can help you decide which accounts are best for you.

Start investing and saving. Try to get $30-50K as a foundation for wealth building. Start Building your Business Credit. Don’t worry, we will walk you through step-by-step.

Build a business and lifestyle you are passionate about. We will help you through every detail. This is where you really feel the SpendPower kick in and never go back to broke.

SpendPower Level Up Reached. Leave a Legacy! Give a lot. Spend a lot. Teach your kids how to avoid Step 1-4 and get them started on Step 5 as soon as they can.

The next steps are secret. You’ll get these once you’ve leveled up.