Can you really talk about money & sex with family?

The two things NO ONE ever wants to talk about is Money and Sex. Money shame is the number one leading cause to why most people don’t have a solid money blueprint and money wisdom

What or WHO would we be if our money-wise family members or friends were bold enough to talk to us about money or even those who aren’t good with money opened up. Wouldn’t it allow help to come into those around them for what to do and what not to do = WISDOM, Right?

Money shame is an awful feeling.
It leaves you feeling hopeless and alone. I’ve been there. I remember one time when I was homeless. My parents weren’t wealthy and could only give me $20-30 here and there. I remember one time have $3 left, I had to put a dollar of gas in my car and buy a $2 burger and I had NO idea what was coming next. Then some lady at church just shook my hand and put a $20 in my hand. The Lord provided in my time of need. I couldn’t tell friends or even family members, it was so embarrassing. I tell you this because I know some of you reading this are feeling this way. And it is ok! That is why I started SpendPower, so you didn’t have to do this alone. So you didn’t have to feel hopeless. As you learn money wisdom, you will find new ideas, new doors open and you will have a plan to escape into a brighter future!! The Bible says weeping may endure for a night but JOY comes in the morning. I’ve shed some tears, a LOT of tears. But I can tell you the SUN comes up. Don’t ever give up. NEVER GIVE UP!

Money shame and worthless feelings are a lie.
They are designed to keep you isolated and alone. But when you just sign up for an email like this, you are taking a step out of whatever you are in. Your life is not just one snapshot. It is many snapshots. Don’t let one moment define you. Keep pushing forward and you’ll find the damn break open and life flood in again. Money Wisdom, following money principles and truths that never change. Laws of God created that never change and work for anyone who follows them, ALWAYS returns the same results. WEALTH

I’m a believer in Jesus as my Savior and I believe that He is the ultimate way to peace, joy, and freedom. But regardless if you believe, the laws work for whoever uses them and apply them. You can do this, you can get out and we will help you and walk with you step by step. That is why my course is priced low so anyone can afford it and start to change their lives, their legacy, and never go back. NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER GIVE UP!

Pssst…by the way you are WORTH IT!
You are WORTHY IT! Do you hear me? All you have to do is decide to keep reading, studying, and applying what you learn and one step at a time you will find yourself in a life you thought was impossible. I want that for you. I want you to know that life can be good. Money doesn’t make it good by the way, it is what you do with that money. Following what your passion is and what you are called to do, giving, and saving, investing so you can give more. These things are what bring real joy!


Speak out loud that you are blessed! Speak out loud daily that you will NEVER GIVE UP! and speak out loud, privately daily in the morning and night, as many times as you need that you are worthy. There is ONLY ONE of you and there will never be another. You were created uniquely to give the world NO ONE else can give them. To serve them in a way only you can. Don’t miss it. Speak to your life positive things. Bring JOY to you!!

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