Can I Ever Be Debt Free?

The short answer is YES! Here is why and how.

If you are reading this and in debt, you probably feel like there is no hope. That your bills are your bills and this is life. Stuck! Right? I want to promise you that there is a way out and that millions of people do it every year. You can go from broke to easy street in a way that has integrity and grace.

Do you honestly think that you are the only one that has ever messed up, made a bad purchase, bought a car you couldn’t afford, or gone shopping and maxed out cards? Maybe it’s not even your fault, it was a medical or another type of emergency. The answer is the same! They did it and you can to. How?

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill

1. A Plan.

Nothing, NOTHING in life gets done right without a plan. And you can start at your own pace and just start taking steps toward your freedom today!

First Step: Save up a $2,000 for an emergency fund. This goes in a bank account that you do not spend unless you have a REAL emergency. I mean the kids are dying or you are. This is to protect your plan so murphy’s law doesn’t come sliding in and wreck take the latter out from under you. You need a net.

Second Step: List all your debts, except for your house, smallest to largest in the total amount due. You can do this on a spreadsheet or real paper. Some people do a big chart to hang on the wall or refrigerator.

Then do a budget, same way, spreadsheet or paper. Whatever you are comfortable with. Remember in our courses we will give you budgets already designed and laid out ready to use online or to print. Everyone is more comfortable with their way and you want to do what works for you. In your budget list out from top to bottom the most important things first to the least. House (shelter), Food/water, transportation (doesn’t mean top of the line, we’ll get into more of that later), and then electric/gas/water, and so on. Our courses and coaching can all help you with this at a deeper level but if you do only this you’ll be on your way to freedom. Once you get your budget done, then you will see on paper or in your spreadsheet what extra funds you have available. If it’s $0, truly zero then you’ll need to look at an extra job or 3rd job (temporary), look at your car, other things like Netflix, Hulu, re-check your budget for essential items only. Then take that extra money and put it all toward the smallest debt on your list until it’s paid off and then the next one, keep going…

You will be AMAZED at how freeing you feel before you are even free but if you sacrifice and live tight for a little while then you can pay it off. Very few people are actually bankrupt. There is 99% of the time a way out with a plan.

“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.”  Thomas Edison

Aren’t you tired of always being broke? Wishing you had more money, more of this and that?

It is time to stop being the victim and be a survivor of your past mistakes. That is gone, done. Make decisions today that lead you to a different tomorrow than where you came from.

I want you to know what it feels like to have SpendPower. To know your SpendPower. What is spend power? It is your number that you get to have in your bank account that ensures you are free from a paycheck, boss, bills, debt and can go and SPEND your money on giving, cars, vacations, helping people without any fear that it will be gone or disappear.

SpendPower is to help you learn Ancient Foundational and even Biblical Money Wisdom and gain Money Knowledge and Understanding so that you can know how to build real wealth and keep it. And then I want you to go give away a ton of it to help others and enjoy it! Change your Family Legacy! If you do what I teach and what we’re about here at SpendPower, you’ll not only change your family tree but your friends and many others. Your cup will run over.

Are you ready to be FREE? Here is the full 6 Simple Steps to start becoming Financially FREE today and I’m giving it away for a limited time for FREE!!! YES!! Grab yours today and START!


“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”  Confucius

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